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About Darien

I'm a mom, a photographer and writer. If you catch me any day of the week I'm likely going to be in jeans and a hoodie with 3 day old hair. I have this whole section of my closet of nice clothes - but mostly, I just pull my jeans and sweatshirts from the top of the laundry basket and throw them back on. I'm fuelled by tea, coffee, pizza and Gilmore Girls. In fact, it plays on a split screen all day while I'm working. So, if I'm editing your pictures - you can bet I'm also watching Gilmore Girls! 

My brain works on overdrive. My desk is usually covered with 15 different projects, hundreds of pieces of paper all with little notes and scribbles while I work out the brilliant new idea that popped in my head. I have trouble keeping up but those little ideas keep me moving and eventually they turn into big ideas - like this one! 

I love my job (or jobs...) Who doesn't like working when you get to stay in your p.j.'s, drink coffee, eat snacks and watch Netflix all day?! 



Day FIVE (1 of 5).jpg

I like to sleep and chase my family around with a camera.

I binge watch Netflix 

and can't stay up past 10pm.